Business & LIfe Strategist



You knew your ‘why’ when you started your business.  You had passion to create and wanted to pursue it.   You wanted more time for family or friends, or the time and money to check off items on your bucket list.  You were going to leave a lasting mark on the world. 

Today, the competing demands on your time have you feeling stretched and maybe a bit off course. Whatever the reason you started your business, you still know that you want to make a difference and you want the freedom to do things on your terms. 

You need clarity, a plan, strategies, and a partner that will guide you through a process and help you move forward. Together, we will help you achieve three things:

1. Take stock of what is resonating in your business and in your personal life;

2. Determine the soulful direction that will light your path and;

3. Ignite or rekindle the fire in pursuit of your wildest passions. 

I will help you navigate the journey to shed yesterday’s skin that is no longer serving you well. I will serve as someone with a compassionate but discerning eye to help you focus on your future while maintaining roots in practical realities. 

I understand that in almost any endeavour in life - including business - your courage and confidence to take the daily steps towards your vision will have the largest impact on your success. 

"So much of starting a business or affecting change is the confidence and courage to simply try." 

Simon Sinek 

time to take it to the next level

One-on-One Coaching


You started your business to focus on your unique ability. Today you are doing the entrepreneurial juggle: trying to manage family and running your business. All that's left are faint memories of time for yourself. 


You want a partner with a compassionate but discerning eye to help you focus on your future while helping you to maintain roots in practical realities. 


From one-on-one coaching, to business strategy sessions to get clarity in your business - Let's start the journey today. 


Team Development


You have started to build a team or you know you need to.   But where do you begin?  Sub-contractors, or employees?   What skills do they need and what training or development do you have to put in place?

Sales training, client relationship management or  team synergy and development, I can assist you in working through today's challenges with an eye to the future.  

'When you need to innovate, you need collaboration.' Marissa Mayer 



 You have what it takes right now to pursue your own destiny!   Being your true self is the surefire way to create the success that you want - by your definition. 

If you are craving to play bigger, to go deeper and to shine, then let's get the fire started! 

Join a group of same stage soulpreneurs/entrepreneurs in Fire Starter Sessions and benefit from group dynamics, sharing best demonstrated practices, and know that you are not alone.