Welcome to the Kairos Journey

Karios ~ a favourable moment for decision and action. 

Journey ~ the process of personal change and development.

Kindling ~ Becoming impassionate or inspired.

Spark ~ A trace of a specified quality or intense feeling.

Ignite ~ Arouse an emotion or situation. 

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Kairos Kindling©

 Return to your heart.
Choose your feelings.

Create your life with intention.

KINDLE the life you desire

Integrating The Desire Map, written by Danielle Laporte,  you will take a heart-centered approach to find your true power, discover clearer thinking, and learn how you can serve with joy.  


Kairos Spark©

Looking to launch your heart-centered business and wanting to make sure you have the right SPARK?  

This program combines heart-centered philosophies with the realities of running a business. The stuff that must happen whether we like it or not.  


Kairos Ignite©

Growth is never by mere chance; it requires careful consideration, planning and a detailed execution strategy to IGNITE your business to the next level. 


Your business has grown to a complex level.

It is time for some adjusting to allow for more ease in your life and the capacity to get to the next level. 


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