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After 27 years in a corporate leadership position and juggling all the elements that encompassed the role, I decided it was time to take a different direction. I was drawn to focus on what inspired me the most: working with people to support them on their journeys in life and in business. 


I have a special attachment to the word Kairos. It is a Greek word that means “A favourable moment for decision or action.” It is my belief that if my approach resonates with you when our paths cross or when you visit my website or social media platform, it will be a moment of Kairos when we connect. 


As a lifelong learner, I have a toolkit that will help build a unique and personalized approach to your needs. I am a:

· Certified Executive & Life Coach

· Registered Retirement Consultant

· Certified Financial Planner

· Member/Student of the Financial Therapist Association

· Desire Map Facilitator 

· Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator


My ongoing commitment to supporting community has provided me with rich experiences and true fulfillment. I continue to contribute to the community as a volunteer for a number of organizations, and through my purpose-driven practice of donating coaching time to not-for-profit and charitable organizations. 


I’m grateful that throughout the years, I’ve been recognized for my work through a number of awards, including the Province of Ontario’s Leading Women Building Communities Award; the Province of Ontario’s Volunteer Long Service Award; the IG Wealth Management Murray J Taylor Community Builder Award and the IG Wealth Management Region Builder Award. I have also been nominated three times for Kingston Business Woman of the Year. I cherish every one of these accolades and I am grateful for the acknowledgement. 


As a seasoned partner of 34 years and a mother of two thriving adults, I am grateful every day for my many blessings and for my connections to family, friends and community. I focus every day on living my life with a focus on feeling the way I want to feel.

Karios as my belief, I am rooted in a vibrant and joyful life. 


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