Business & LIfe Strategist

 I see you.  I hear you. I got your back.  I'm here to help.  


Business & Life Strategist


 As a Business & Life Strategiest I help entrepreneurs increase their courage and confidence so that they can move forward - in business and in life.  Whether they want to find life balance, increase revenue or reconnect with their passion.  

From our first meeting we will increase your courage and confidence so that you see, and feel, your goals being accomplished - in business and in life.   This is the first step in starting the journey forward.    I am your partner and cheerleader on your journey in business and life.   

Utilizing my extensive training and experience in; business and strategic planning, finance, client relationship development, and life coaching I guide solopreneurs/entrepreneurs in their journey from their current reality to their goals.   As a Desire Map and Fire Starter Sessions Facilitator I use these tools to help entreprenuers get in touch with what they want to give to the world and the people in their life.  They will be  ready to reconnect with their power, latent dreams, and feelings.   

 'The best version of you is peeled away and developed. You don't become your best straight out of the box.   The challenges in life are needed to bring out your potential.'    Humble the Poet  


Let's work together

Just launching?


Want to make sure you are starting on the right foot?  

Do you have perfectionist paralysis and not taking any steps forward?  

Not sure what it takes to make your side hustle your daily bread? 

Let't connect to get you started with courage and confdence. 

Time to move to the next level?


Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.  It requires careful consideration, planning and a detailed execution strategy. 

Yet the biggest risk is not taking any risk. 

Together we will balance the approach of 'launch and learn' with the knowledge that you have accumulated to develop the most effective strategies to move your business to the next level.   

For Individuals


 Return to your heart.
Choose your feelings.
Create your life with intention.

A heart-centered approach to sourcing your true power, clear thinking, and serving with joy. 

Learn more about workshops that will leading you towards your true life.    Your heart can tell the difference between truth and illusion; it can transmute what’s holding us back into progress; it has the wisdom to take everything—and everyone—into consideration.